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TopCast™ 12L

TopCast™ 12L is a non-oriented coextruded polyethylene based film produced by a flat die, chill roll process and then laminate with PET or PVOH coated PET film for high barrier applications. It is designed to use as an easy peel lidding film for polypropylene trays and lock seal lidding film for polyethylene trays.


TopCast™ 12L

Features and Benefits:

Good strength and puncture resistance – TopCast™ 12L features top of the line strength, high impact & puncture resistance, making it ideal as a lidding film for a wide variety of applications.

Superior performance – TopCast™ 12L’s good grease and oil resistance enables its use in very challenging application and packing enviroments.

Compliance – TopCast™ 12L is made of materials suitable for food contact in accordance to FDA and EEC regulations.

Optical Clarity – TopCast™ 12L features good transparency, letting for a clear view of the tray content.

Printability – TopCast™ 12L is offered transparent, opaque, tinted, printed and reverse printed.

Typical applications –

  • Ready-made meals
  • Fresh-cut salads
  • Frozen meats
  • Dairy products