Keep it fresh

Keeping it fresh
from the field to the table

Keeping it fresh from
the bakery to the table

Sealing and lidding
your food packing

Making your product
look much better

The exact film to
support your application

Fresh Produce

Fresh-Produce-toogleFresh Produce

Our FreshCast™ films and bags are engineered and manufactured especially for packaging of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. FreshCast™ incorporates the perfect balance of attributes to improve packing and transportation yield, increase shelf life and provide better product look and feel.

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BREAD & Pastry

Bread and Pastry

Our BreadCast™ packaging films and bags optimize bread and pastry’s shelf life, nutritional values and appearance. BreadCast™ combines exceptional mechanical properties for faster packing and better handling during transportation and display, combined with superior transparency that meets customers’ desire for a clear view of the product.

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Food and Beverage

Our TopCast™ multi-layered lidding and self sealing films are engineered to seal to various surfaces. The adhesion is custom-designed to vary from easy peel to lock seal. TopCast™ perfectly self-seals for use in retort and regular pouches on FFS (Form Fill & Seal) lines. Sealant layer films for lamination are also available.

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Stationary & CRAFT

Stationary and Craft

ROP’s ClearCast™ Super-clear, colored and embossed films have been used by the industry leading converters for over 4 decades for manufacturing top of the line photo album and collector pages, baseball card, coin and stamp holders, CD and DVD holders, binders, sheet protectors, archive sheets, business card holders, I.D. badges and other.

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Industrial FILM

Industrial Film

R.O.P’s Cast Polypropylene can be laminated to a wide variety of films such as PET, PE, PVOH coated PET, BOPP, BOPA, , Polypropylene, Aluminum and many other, creating a perfect sealing layer for retortable,  microwavable, pasteurized packaging and In-Mold Decoration casting. Our products comply with U.S. FDA and E.U. standards for food contact.

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Tailor-made formulations

A wide variety of films

Quick production

Multiple thickness & width options

Highest quality in the industry

ROP Introduces MA packaging for edible flowers

ROP’s film for male and female zucchini flowers is already in commercial use. Thousands of bags being shipped by cross Atlantic air-freight strengthens the confidence with the advantages of the packaging developed.

ROP’s modified atmosphere (MA) bulk liner and ROP’s MA Ultra-thin film, two proven packaging alternatives for preserving the freshness of sweet cherries.
ROP Ltd. has expended its family of freshness-preserving packaging line, offering bulk packaging for sweet cherries. 

NEW – packaging film for round tomatoes, as well as cherry tomatoes.
The film is designed for using on Flow Wrap automatic packaging machine and is supplied as roll stock. It satisfies the needs of retailers/packers to pack their tomatoes in a fast, efficient way, and at the same time to preserve the fresh qualities of tomatoes longer.

The Cast Polypropylene Experts

For over 40 years ROP has served its customers with high quality Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film, bags, and converted products. We design and extrude world-class products with consistent quality and unique attributes that meet the specific needs of each customer.

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